Plus! Durable APIs; The Global Neighborhood Watch; Lack of Liquidations; Virtual Return to the Office; Space Law
Plus! Egress; Last-Foot Delivery; Shadow Banking; Great Quarter; Reducing the Variance in China Tech
Spreadsheets, Piracy, Owning Data, GDP-Linked Bonds, Climate Catastrophe-Linked Bonds, Young Adult Fiction, Griddles, War, Fracking, Code
Plus! Errata; Streaming as Instant Gratification; Batteries; Shrinking Analyst Teams; Diffident Voters; Oil, Recapitalized
Plus! Oil and Delta; Buffers and Signals; Latency; Lags; Synergy
Plus! Delta and Travel; Currency Disputes; The Very Short Recession; The Lumpy Recovery; Self-Driving Cars: Zero-to-One or One-to-N?
Plus! M&A and the FTC; Effective Supply and Liquidity; Netflix Bites the Corporate Culture Bullet; Dirigisme with British Characteristics; Watson as a …
Cybercrime, Publishing, Data, Mystery Seeds, Panic, Oil
Plus! "Real Men Have Fabs"; Rollups; Platform Control; Outperformance; Chips and China; Double Zero
Plus! Ads and Unit Costs; Which Features Work; Buy Now, Pay Later; Tech Nationalism; Returns
Plus! Airport Nationalism; Wages & Benefits; Business Travel Returns; The Branded Inbox; Fees
Plus! Shrinkflation; Linkages; The UK and National Champions; Retail and Constraints; Amazon and Buy-Now-Pay-Later Strategy