.400 Investors, Klein and Cowen, Cashmere, Rock, mRNA
Plus! Shifting the Curve; Where Housing Demand Comes From; Throughput; Lobbying; Customer Service-as-a-Service
Plus! Networks of Networks; Inefficiencies; More Privacy; Measurement Error; Textbook Piracy
Plus! Intuit/Mailchimp; Litecoin/Walmart; Rezoning App Real Estate; Distribution; Channel Shifts
Plus! Cities and Duration; Disney's Semi-Renegotiation (and the Delta Variant); Car/Chip Convergence; Which Apps Win from a Lower Apple Tax?; Evergrand…
China, Chips, ByteDance Philosophy, Hacks, Payments
Plus! Two Turnarounds; Smart Glasses; Credit cards, Spending and Splurging; The Cyclical CEO Condition; Permanent Pricing
Plus! Many More Ad Bugs; Apparel and Pandemic Shifts; Disinformation Campaigns: Variance, Not Picking Sides; Software is Eating Receipts; IPO Cleanup
Plus! A Slower Return to Normal; Fast-Follower Industrial Policy; Capex; Unconstrained Venture; Ambient Data Collection
Plus! Value Traps and GAARP Traps; China and the Tax Question; Building on a Government API; No Theranos Overhang; Roof-Backed Securities
Construction, EDM, Talent, Aerospace, Applied Divinity Studies, Black Wednesday
Plus! Developing Vietnam; Liquidity, Discount Rates, and Theft; Shortages; Pigs and OPEC; Statistical Privacy