Plus! Lead Generation; Apple and Interfaces; Walled Gardens in China; Peak News
Plus! Facebook and Retention; Leaky Bans; ROI; Zillow's Pause
Instant Delivery, Slack, Social Science, Nuclear, Returns, FedEx
Plus! Aging Into Owning the Metaverse; Fake Reviews; Ads and Addicts; Coal; Diff Jobs
Plus! Every Business Turns Into an Ad Business; Financial Decoupling; Still Room to Scale; Pay-for-Inclusion; Amazon and Costco; Bitcoin: Made in Ameri…
Plus! No Parachute; Inequality; Peak Supply Chain Disruption?; Team-Based Hybrid Offices
Plus! Big Tech Sees Like a State: Facebook and the Forests; Housing Liquidity; Information Overload; Getting Money Out of China
Context, Outliers, Tether, Web3, Oil
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